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Les tissus Allpa

We are a small company based in Montreal, made up of a couple of passionate Montrealers. We founded ALLPA with the desire to combine Peruvian tradition and the quality of its finest fabrics with our Quebec needs. The goal? To offer top-of-the-line quality products that are also durable, warm and fair trade.

All our products made from alpaca wool have been woven in Peru, by artisans who receive a fair wage.

We've scoured Peru for the finest, highest quality alpaca wool from farms where the animals are treated humanely and with care. From our alpacas to our craftsmen, through our various partners in Peru: we make sure that everyone is treated as members of the Allpa family ! Each of our products made from alpaca wool is certified sustainable and fair trade. Our wool, of the highest quality, is biodegradable and, if well cared for, will last for years! A smart and responsible choice.