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Les tissus Allpa

Alpaca wool:

Alpaca fleece is renowned for its very high quality, for its softness and comfort, but also for its insulating properties, its warmth and its hypoallergenic characteristics . Alpaca wool is said to be six to seven times warmer than sheep's wool.

Today, with the explosion of cashmere production from China and, by the same token, by the degradation of the quality of the fabrics of the kind, alpaca wool now has its place among the most luxurious fabrics that are due to its finesse, its exclusive side and its great rarity (450 million Cashmere goats against 4 million alpacas!).  More precious, and whose quality varies enormously from one producer to another, even from one animal to another, it is therefore important to separate it into categories, according to the fineness of the alpaca wool.

Baby alpaca” grade :

The so-called "baby alpaca" wool is a wool of much higher quality than that of standard alpaca. It is one of the highest qualities of alpaca wool available (less than 21 microns). Much finer, and therefore softer, it will be used to produce warm and fine clothes, which will be in contact with the skin. We only select wool from its back and neck. We therefore use it to produce stockings, scarves, shawls and throws, in order to offer a delicate top-of-the-range wool. Exclusive, luxurious, warm: our baby alpaca wool products will keep you warm while standing out in style!  

Royal baby alpaca ” grade:

At Allpa , we have gone out of our way to find you the highest quality wool. We are thus among the first in Canada to offer products made of real wool called “ royal baby alpaca” . The wool of the royal alpaca is THE softest among all the qualities of alpaca produced (< 19 microns) .

The "royal " level wool comes from the first shearing of the alpaca's back and neck, while its fur is the softest. Also, many alpacas, having less pure genetics, will never produce so-called royal quality wool . It is also finer, softer and of better quality than cashmere, which is now massively produced and whose quality is unfortunately often uncertain.